Gill Thackray

History and experience

Gill is a business psychologist and psychology lecturer with international experience. She works with a wide range of clients in the private sector, government bodies and NGOs. She is a coach, conference speaker and writer on the practical application of business psychology and neuroscience, regularly contributing to international publications including The Guardian, Thrive Global, HR Zone and The Times. She is also author of ‘Resilience: 20 Bullet Proof Positive Psychology Hacks’ to be published in 2017.

Gill has an MSc in Mindfulness Studies and is currently a PhD candidate specialising in mindful leadership. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher, adhering to the UK Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines and is a registered teacher on the UK Mindfulness Teachers List. Gill is also Visiting Professor at CHE University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

She is a member of the British Neuroscience Association, Association of Business Psychologists, Chartered Institute of Personnel, Continuing Professional Development accredited Trainer and Institute of Leadership and Management member. She has worked in China, Thailand, Tibet and Poland and is founder of the Koru Trust, an educational charity working with Karen hilltribe refugees.


Gill has worked with a range of clients including: The United Nations, Google, Glaxo, The Football Association, LSE, Prostate Cancer UK, Great Ormond Street, ATL, ICAEW, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, BBC, British School of Osteopathy, Age UK, Jaguar and British Heart Foundation.

Training Style

Interactive and innovative, Gill uses her skills as a business psychologist and knowledge of neuroscience to bring groups together, challenge thinking patterns, build skills and knowledge in an open, fun, practical and supportive learning environment.


Gill is a facilitator on a number of training courses at the Centre, including: Emotional intelligence in leadership and management, Change management, Mindfulness at work, Effective mentoring, Presentation skills, Appraisal skillsTeam leader skills and Supervision skills.

Gill is also available for one-to-one coaching sessions.


"I found it amazing how Gill was able to get a group of people to open themselves up to each other so easily. I was also impressed with Gill's knowledge and competence."
SF, ASRA Housing Group 
"The trainer was brilliant. She got everyone involved and made it fun. She provided very good tips for controlling difficult situations and people in the future."
SW, The Football Association