Events at the Centre

The Centre regularly runs a range of events, including evening seminars and stands at exhibitions. These events are open to clients, associates and staff, and are an opportunity for everyone to interact, share ideas and network.

Events coming soon....

CIPD Learning and Development Show 2016

Thank you to all those who voted and shared their favourite motivational quote with us. The winner of our raffle to win £1,000 worth of training, and the runners-up, will be contacted in the next seven days. Good luck! 

If you have an idea for an event which we are not currently running, or have any questions about any of our events, please contact Samantha Clegg.  

About us
The Centre is a training and consultancy company that shares your commitment to learning.

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Training suite
Courses on the Centre's open programme are held at our training suite at 140 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BJ.

Our staff team
The Centre's team are friendly and welcoming to all who walk through our door. We are here to help you and make your experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as we can. If you have any questions for any member of the team, just ask!

Our trainers and consultants
Meet the Centre's team - a team of talented and experienced communicators, leaders and trainers who share your passion for learning and development.

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Tess Woodcraft
Tess Woodcraft summary

Will Baker
Will specialises in helping individuals realise their potential for impact, no matter what their role within an organisation. He works with organisations to develop effective procedures that further their goals and values.

Tillie Harris
Tillie has worked as a copywriter for over ten years. She writes for a wide range of national organisations - many of which are household names. Tillie works with organisations to develop the quality of their online and print communications and has developed a range of one day courses to support this.

Norma Johnston
Norma specialises in the areas of management and communication. From coaching CEOs to drive corporate communications through to supporting managers in the midst of a restructure, Norma’s experience of engaging audiences is central to her work.

Andrea James
Andrea James is a management consultant and trainer who specialises in helping individuals and organisations around the world to make better decisions. She is extremely interested in behavioural economics and cognitive psychology.

Hilary Carty
At the heart of Hilary’s work lies the desire to evolve fresh perspectives for people and organisations, prioritising leadership development, strategic management and leading organisational change. Her work and experience spans a variety of management and leadership disciplines across various sectors.

Daljeet Singh
Daljeet Singh is committed to the development of the single greatest resource in any organisation or community: its people. He has delivered leadership development and talent management training within organisations.

Howard Exton-Smith
Howard is a specialist in business, programme and project management. He has particular expertise in strategy development and implementation, organisational effectiveness and marketing. He has held senior positions in the private sector, and has worked with the public and third sectors, in the UK and internationally.

Jakki Bendell
Jakki Bendell has over ten years' experience as a consultant, trainer and coach specialising in business writing skills. As a practising professional writer, Jakki draws on a wealth of stories and personal experience to illustrate her courses.

Dr Michael Cassop Thompson
Michael specialises in creativity, strategic management, leadership, value creation and marketing. A vastly experienced tutor he has designed, developed and delivered commercial training seminars and workshops to over 10,000 candidates throughout the UK.

Francois Smit
Francois is a dynamic trainer, with skills developed during 26 years of hands-on experience. Francois specialises in communications training for support staff. He has developed and delivered a wide range of programmes.

Lucy Whitehall
Lucy offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in employee wellbeing, employee engagement and human resources. Her work supporting clients is achieved through training, consultancy and one to one coaching.

Martha Clarke
Martha Clarke is a highly experienced and well qualified trainer, coach, facilitator and workplace mediator working in the public and corporate sectors, in the UK and overseas.

Zahoor Bargir
Zahoor is a personable and versatile finance trainer who is experienced in delivering training that is interactive, effective and fun. A qualified accountant by profession, he has worked as a consultant and manager in numerous sectors before specialising as a trainer.

David Goodman
David has over 25 years' experience as a coach, consultant and trainer focusing on enhancing performance and productivity with individuals, teams and organisations. David specialises in the Management Ladder, creating strong leadership at all levels.

Gill Thackray
Gill Thackray is a business psychologist, lecturer and consultant with a passion for neuro psychology and performance. Gill specialises in leadership, resilience and optimising organisational performance. She has worked in the UK and internationally within the private and statutory sector.

Fiona Lewis
Fiona uses her extensive experience in marketing, PR and communications to support individuals, non-profits and businesses to understand their ambitions and engage effectively with their audiences.

Simon Horton
Simon Horton has spent over 10 years as an expert in the fields of Negotiating, Influencing, Leadership and Management Skills, working with an impressive list of high-profile clients, in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is also a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, University of London.

Duncan Lewin
Duncan is an experienced trainer and chartered accountant focused on training people in finance, management and leadership skills. He likes to produce challenging, thought-provoking courses that engage delegates and help people take new perspectives on situations.

Peter Sheridan
Peter has over 27 years’ business experience having worked for some of the world’s largest companies, including HSBC and Merrill Lynch, as well as running his own retail and property company. He now uses this experience to help people and organisations to develop the skills they need for success.

Hilary Reen
Hilary's work spans a variety of management and leadership development and engagement activities including the management of the global values programs for a unified communications provider, mentoring and facilitating the leadership and change management skills for police officers.

Josie Walden
Behind Josie Walden's work is a passion for understanding for what makes people tick and helping them to realise their full personal and professional potential.

Rachel Harrison
Rachel specialises in helping organisations and people to make change and move forward. Based in London since 1997, Rachel has been consulting, consulting, training, researching and writing. She has an international portfolio, working across Europe and the states.

Russell Caird
Russell has a wealth of experience in the Financial Services industry having spent over 25 years in retail and corporate banking. As an accomplished facilitator he has worked with a range of public, private and voluntary sector clients in many industries. Russell also has experience in the design and delivery of bespoke training.

Chris Mohr
Chris Mohr is a communications skills trainer with over 25 years' experience as a broadcast journalist and programme-maker for BBC radio, TV and online. Chris has developed the Centre's portfolio of business writing courses on everything from where to put a comma to how to craft a message.

Laura McMillan
Laura has over 15 years experience as a Learning and Development professional and is a skilled trainer and coach. She has held management positions in the voluntary sector and now works as a consultant across all sectors.

Salma Shah
Salma Shah is a business psychologist who specialises in inclusive leadership, excellence in teams and diversity. With a background of consultancy and business development, Salma has a solid track record of working with high performance teams in both the private and public sector.

Henry Russell
Henry runs the Centre's Proofreading course. Henry worked in publishing for 10 years as an editor and a sales director before becoming a professional writer. He trains and lectures on every aspect of written communication.

Deborah Maguire
A Chartered Accountant for over 20 years, Deborah has an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance. She has worked with many different companies and Industries throughout her career and can relate to the specific needs and industry challenges of individuals.

Viv Thackray
Viv Thackray is a positive psychologist and holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. Specialising at C-Level and above, she is passionate about applying evidence-based psychological theory to business practice.

Chris Powell
Chris specialises in helping individuals and teams design plan and deliver their own high-quality event experiences. With 500 events successfully completed and over 2500 events managers trained, he knows a thing or two about the 'how to' of organising events.

Susan Croft
Susan is an international public speaker, corporate trainer and PR practitioner and trains in sales, communications, marketing and management. She is a trained journalist and specialises in media and public speaking training for executives, educators and other professionals.

Gill Dandy
Gill is a communications professional with 25 years consultancy and in-house experience in the PR industry. Gill is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Chair of Fifth Estate, the voluntary sector PR network, and non-executive director of Shared Interest, a not-for-profit social investment fund.

Paula Reid
Trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker in teamwork, leadership, communications, management and innovation, Paula has worked with many corporate clients, as well as charities, universities, the NHS, Olympic sports teams and Government Departments.

Carolyn Graham
Carolyn is a CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) accredited mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council, working as mediator, trainer, facilitator and consultant. She works with a diverse range of organisations and sectors including Government, Banking, NHS, Higher Education, Arts & Entertainment and Charities.

Michele Lazarus
Michele has worked for over 30 years as a trainer, a counsellor, a researcher and a manager. Her background is in health education, community justice and the parenting sector. She has worked for local authorities, social services, the health service and not for profit organisations.

Fiona Russell
Fiona is an experienced trainer working with individuals and groups to develop management skills and personal effectiveness. She combines training with project management consultancy.

Liz Sewell
Liz has extensive consultancy experience with both the voluntary and public sectors. As former chief executive of Gingerbread, Liz is a sought after consultant and trainer.

Certificate in Leadership and Management launched
The Centre and Royal Holloway College (Univ of London) launch their new Certificate in Leadership and Management at the House of Lords.

Equality and diversity policy

Our Quality Charter

Peer review

Sally Pearman
Sally is the Centre's Director of Learning and Development and has been with us for seven years. Sally oversees all of our management development programmes and consultancy projects.

Jobs at the Centre

Our partners
At the Centre we feel that partnerships are incredibly important. We work in partnership with a number of different organisations.

Room hire now available!
The Centre is pleased to announce that we are now offering our training rooms for hire.

The Centre’s values

The Centre is on Twitter!
The Centre is now on Twitter! Keep up to date on the latest news and offers by becoming one of our followers.

Valentine Ogunba
Valentine is the Centre’s Relationship Manager and he’s based at our training site on Old Street. Valentine works in close partnership with the organisations we support to ensure all of our training and consultancy projects are a success.

Sam Clegg
Sam has been at the Centre for three years and is the Centre's Head of Operations. This multi-faceted role includes developing the Centre’s business strategy, managing the day-to-day operations of the organisation and overseeing the Open Programme training.

Jess Toms
Jess is the Centre's Office Manager. She is responsible for all aspects of office management at the Centre including administrative tasks supporting the rest of the team, and the preparation of all materials for forthcoming training courses.

Nadira Love
Nadira is the Centre's Training Project Manager. Whether it's a one-off awayday for a senior management team or a rolling programme for all staff, Nadira will work with you to make sure you get the most from your training.

Maryam Momla
Maryam is part of the in-company training team, working alongside Nadira Love to organise training events that are delivered at your organisation.

Naomi Glenn-Sempare
Naomi is the Open Programme Training Coordinator at the Centre. Responsible for the training courses held at the Centre's venue on Old Street, she is your main point of contact for all matters relating to the Open Programme.

Sammie Kauss
Sammie is the Centre’s Marketing Executive and works closely with our Head of Operations, Sam Clegg, to help implement the organisation’s marketing plans.

Olivia Stokes
Olivia is the Centres Training Coordinator. Olivia originally started working with the Centre as a maternity cover, but has since progressed and very happily taken on her new role.

Soreena Auguste
Soreena is one of the Centre’s receptionists. You'll find her at the end of the phone or ensuring that our delegates have everything that they need.

Jahanara Choudhury
Jahanara is the Centre's morning receptionist. You will find Jahanara warmly greeting you when you walk through the Centre door or at the end of our phone.

Gill Dandy
Gill is a communications professional with 25 years consultancy and in-house experience in the public relations industry. Gill is one of the staff trainers and specialises in the areas of communication and administration.

David Aylwin
David Aylwin is one of the country's leading trainers in Fast effective reading and Speed reading. He has specialised in the field for over 25 years. David works with local government, NHS, banks, the police, law firms, and manufacturing.

Sara Jones
Sara is an experienced journalist and media trainer. She has been media training for around 20 years and her clients have included major organisations in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors such as the Home Office, Pfizer, the Department for Work and Pensions, Philips and Channel 4.

Environmental and ethical policy
Welcome to the Environment and Ethics policy for the Centre. We trust you will find within this document everything you need to know about what the Centre stands for as an organisation with regards to the environmental and ethical impact of our business. This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive document on the breadth of our commitment, merely a helpful signpost. It does however contain some goals and objectives that are key to our future as a sustainable and ethical company.

The local area
There's plenty to see and do if you are visiting the Centre's Old Street location for training, especially if you are staying in London for a two day course!

Lauren Scally
As Team Administrator, Lauren plays a key part in ensuring that all of our training courses at the Centre run smoothly.