Valentine Ogunba

Valentine works closely with our Director of Learning and Development, Sally Pearman. He also helps to design, plan and project manage the range of training and development programmes we provide.

Valentine is often out of the office visiting the organisations we work with to ensure we’re up to speed with any developments or challenges they’re facing. This means we can tailor our training and case studies to each client. It also helps us evolve our courses and develop new materials that reflect today’s business climate.

Valentine is usually the first person you’ll speak with if you’re looking to use the Centre for an in-house development programme or if you’re considering using us as your Learning Partner.

He spends a lot of time keeping in touch with past delegates to find out how they’ve been getting on since the training and how it’s impacted their work. The more feedback the better. This also gives Valentine the opportunity to let them know about our free networking events, free training resources and our call back service.

Valentine has worked in a number of relationship roles in the past and really enjoys working with people and understanding their unique challenges and strengths. He’s a qualified teacher which he jokes has taught him a lot about being patient and really listening to what people are saying and the art of reading between the lines.

Valentine originally studied Economics and is passionate about his voluntary role with Black Training and Enterprise Group. He delivers workshops to motivate and inspire young people and is incredibly proud to see his young mentees progress.

If you are considering setting up a staff development programme, or would like to speak about the Centre and any of the services we provide you can contact Valentine on 020 7490 3030 or [email protected]. If you'd like to meet with Valentine to learn more about our approach to training and what might work for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch!