Jodie Caya

As Head of Operations at the Centre, Jodie works to develop and implement our business strategy. She is responsible for the effective management and leadership of the organisation with a focus on building strong relationships with our suppliers and trainers, managing training events held at the Centre, and overseeing the effective marketing of the Centre brand.

Jodie joined the Centre after 13 years working in Social Housing, with varied and wide-ranging experience in people management, IT, Human Resources, systems development, project management, complaints handling and influencing. At the Centre, Jodie’s main responsibilities include directing the implementation of our business and marketing strategy, and setting and monitoring Key performance indicators (KPI’s), which are regularly reviewed and include both qualitative and quantitative targets.

Jodie cyclically reviews what we offer at the Centre to ensure consistently high quality services are provided to all learner delegates and the organisations we support. So that’s everything from the food options we offer and our published books, right through to the development of new courses and services.

Jodie manages the maintenance of the Centre's Learning Management System and IT support function to ensure we can map the learner journeys of our delegates and manage our busy schedule of events happening at the Centre, across the UK and internationally. She also leads on our range of enforcements and certifications including Living Wage Status, Investors in People, CPD (Continued Personal Development) and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

As part of this role, Jodie works closely with our Marketing team to develop and improve our marketing strategies and communication methods. She also works closely with our Training coordinators to ensure our open courses run smoothly and ensure that we collect and analyse feedback to make sure we are getting the best out of our courses for our delegates. She is also responsible, alongside our Office Manager Jess, for ensuring the Centre facilities are maintained to the highest standard and ensuring we make your experience with the Centre one you won’t forget.

Jodie's career to date has been an eclectic mix from floristry, interior design, education administration, housing management, conflict resolution and influencing, to IT and Office Management; which has given her an extensive skillset, ability to work well in pressurised environments and juggle complex tasks.

Jodie holds a BSc in Business Information Technology (hons) from the University of Greenwich; earning a first whilst working part time in Human Resources. This has given her excellent multi-tasking abilities whilst keeping a smile on her face!

She currently holds ILM and CMI level 3 accreditations in management and her most recent role was as a Senior Housing Advisor.

Jodie lives and breathes the ethos of the Centre and is a strong advocate for Personal Effectiveness techniques and mental wellbeing. The Centre are proud to be a Living Wage employer and having recently been awarded a Silver Investors in People status, Jodie and her team continue to work hard to ensure the Centre brand is one which is trusted and recognised as a quality provider by delegates, trainers and staff.

Outside of work, Jodie can be found exploring new places, learning new skills, reading books and getting to know new people. As a Governing Body member for Ian Mikardo High School since 2012, Jodie has also worked with the Tower Hamlets Mentoring Service to provide interview skills to children in local schools.

Jodie has been a delegate at the Centre since way back in 2004 when she attended her very first course in Minute Taking! Since then Jodie has attended many of our courses, and gained much experience in her career; which she now brings with her to the Centre to help us continue to deliver better and better learning experiences.

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