Jane Sullivan

History and experience

Jane is a business psychologist, consultant and coach driven by the desire to support individuals and organisations to achieve the best possible performance through the creation and maintenance of positive working environments. As such, Jane’s work focuses on leadership development, organisational development and change, and the balance of the employee/employer relationship.

Jane has over 17 years experience of evidenced based consulting in leadership development and coaching, organisational change, strategy, culture, dignity and diversity at work, the physical working environment, team facilitation, and employer of choice and employee engagement.

As a coach, Jane specialises in working with people who seek to build confidence, manage difficult situations, handle conflict, as well as 'self management' in the workplace - such as dealing with organisational politics, work life balance, stress and anxiety at work, impression management, and so on. Jane has supported many organisations, in different sectors, through significant change programmes and helped them to better understand the cultural dynamics at play, and understanding that many of the challenges that managers are facing are the same, albeit in different contexts.

With over 15 years year’s line, senior and middle management experience, Jane has a deep understanding of the challenges of managing and motivating diverse individuals. She is passionate and knowledgeable about employee engagement and the ‘deal’ for individuals. Having worked and researched in this area for many years, Jane believes that this combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience helps clients to focus on their line management challenges in new ways. As a coaching psychologist, Jane draws upon her knowledge of Transactional Analysis, positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, the thinking environment, and Cognitive Behavioural principles in her work with clients.

Jane spent 12 years as a consultant with The Work Foundation before establishing her own independent practice in 2011. Before moving into consulting, Jane worked in a variety of roles, including facilities management and recruitment. Jane also offers supervision to trainee practitioners working towards the professional qualification in occupational psychology.

Jane holds the BPS Level A and B (now called the EFPA Level 1 and 2) and is qualified to administer the MBTI (Step I and II), Hogan Personality Inventory and the EQ-i 360. Jane is an accredited Professional Executive Coach (through the Association for Coaching).


Jane’s experience covers all three sectors. Jane has worked extensively with local authorities, the Police service, central government departments, trade unions, and a number of charities and organisations in the private sector.

Coaching and facilitation style

Jane believes that learning is easier when people are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Therefore Jane’s focus is on providing a supportive environment, a place where people can explore ideas safely to enhance their own understanding and insight. Jane encourages people to think deeply, to challenge themselves, and to consider different perspectives; she is a great believer in the power of ‘doing’ in order to effect change.


Jane offers one to one coaching sessions, and organisational consultancy around change management, employee engagement and positive work environments. Jane also offers training in coaching and managing performance.