Josie Walden

History and experience

Behind Josie’s work is a passion for understanding for what makes people tick and helping them to realise their full personal and professional potential. She has over ten years’ experience as a director and consultant in market research and brand strategy, partnered with a background in Psychology and Sociology.

Josie has led a range of worldwide projects for industry leaders throughout her career, helping teams work together to innovate, develop and discover. Recently she assisted a drinks company team come up with exciting new products, guided a pharmaceutical team’s advertising strategy and helped a supermarket team uncover key retail trends. Supporting teams to work together creatively and to help achieve their goals is what Josie excels at.

Josie’s skills as a trainer centre around two key areas:

Communication: Josie knows first-hand what it takes to grab and hold attention. She is an expert in crafting and delivering impactful presentations and understands how to effectively engage anyone from seven year olds to CEOs as a result of many years’ experience as a researcher and facilitator. She has a particular flair for creative thinking, bringing together innovation expertise and a passion for thinking outside the box.

Personal effectiveness: Josie has a solid understanding of how to maximise personal effectiveness, drawing from her grounding in Psychology, as well as practical and on-the-ground professional experience.

Underpinning all of Josie’s work is strong business nous and an appreciation of the real-life commercial context.


Josie has worked with a wide range of organisations across many sectors including: technology, media, finance, government and charity. Clients include: Unilever, P&G, Diageo, GSK, BT, Philips, BBC, Virgin, ITV, Barclays, BT and M&S. 

Training style

Josie has a unique, dynamic and energetic training style. Many years of experience as a group facilitator has taught her, you get out what you put in. A warm, engaging and encouraging trainer who brings personality to her sessions. Josie is an expert at making everyone in the group feel confident and instantly at ease. She believes training should be inspiring, challenging but most importantly enjoyable.

Josie loves to use personal examples from her experience across sectors to bring key points to life and is skilled at tailoring content to her specific audience.


Josie facilitates a range of courses in communication and personal effectiveness. Some of these courses she facilitates include: Focus groupsFacilitation skillsImpactful Presentations: two-day masterclassIncreasing performance with positive psychology and Personal effectiveness: be more confident at work