Maryam Momla

Maryam is part of the  group training team at the Centre, coordinating the in-house training courses we provide. Whether that’s a Presentation skills workshop or something on Positive Psychology, Maryam will work with you to create a training solution tailored to your organisation.

Maryam is based at our training suite in Old Street which means she can coordinate the diaries of our  training team while they are out delivering workshops. She coordinates all of the in-house events we deliver which includes our Bite-size sessions, training daysawaydays or tailored courses built specifically for your organisation.

She works very closely with our Training Project Manager,  Nadira Love, and our Director of Learning and Development, Sally Pearman. Together they work on long-term or large-scale development programmes which usually involve multiple trainers delivering workshops for between 100 - 300 members of staff.

Maryam initially worked in retail before undertaking a Business Administration apprenticeship and starting her career as a coordinator. Before joining the Centre she worked as a face-to-face coordinator for an interpreting company so she’s used to working with a range of clients and making sure that all bookings are managed accurately and quickly.

In her spare time she goes to the gym and loves boxing, golf and swimming. She’s also a bit of a traveller and has explored Turkey, Istanbul, Malaysia, Egypt, Tunisia, Milan, Dubai and India so she’s always very happy when we’re working with international clients!

If you have any group training queries, would like to book some in-house training, or would like to speak about the Centre and any of the services we provide you can contact Maryam on 020 7490 3030 or  [email protected]. If you'd like to meet with Maryam to learn more about our approach to training and what might work for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Please note that the Centre is registered with the Telephone Preference Service and does not accept unsolicited sales calls. Thank you.