Nadira Love

Nadira is the Centre’s Training Project Manager. Nadira plays a key role within our team: She manages all of the  Group training events we deliver which includes our Bite-size sessions, training daysawaydays or tailored courses built specifically for your organisation.

Nadira is your primary contact and Account Manager for all of the large scale development programmes and projects that the centre delivers.

She works closely with our Director of Learning and Development,  Sally Pearman, as often they work on long term or rolling programmes, making sure that they run smoothly and all of the delegates gain the most from their training. These projects may involve multiple trainers delivering workshops for between 100 - 500 members of staff.

Nadira would ensure the right facilitators and tools were used to maximise the impact of the training days and to ensure the ‘chemistry’ is right for each group of delegates.

Nadira would be responsible for implementing quality control checks throughout the programme design stage, scheduling the event, invoicing and working closely with the facilitators to ensure key emerging themes throughout the training were fed back to the HR & OD team, whilst ensuring key stakeholders at our clients’ organisation are involved or consulted in the development of training.

Nadira has a BSc in Broadcast Media and Communications, and has an extensive background working as a Production Manager and Research Executive on a number of big-budget television and film productions.

Nadira is a PRINCE2 Practitioner. This means you can trust the Centre to apply best practice methodologies and principles to ensure your training programme is delivered within your training budget and meets your desired outcomes.

Nadira also mentors for a not for profit organisation, where she is involved in designing and planning personal development programmes for young people, in order to support them throughout their educational journey. 

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