Peter Sheridan

History and experience

Peter Sheridan has over 27 years’ business experience having worked for some of the world’s largest companies, including HSBC and Merrill Lynch, as well as running his own retail and property company. He now uses this experience to help people and organisations to develop the skills they need for success. He has extensive experience working with international organisations and delegates who speak English as a foreign language.

Peter’s early career was in Information Technology, working in Financial Services and Asset Management consultancies. Moving into Investment Banking, Peter brought his in-depth understanding of technology to focus on enhancing revenues and operational efficiency. As his career developed Peter moved into a front line role, managing his own business unit at HSBC Investment Bank. In 2005, as a director of Plus Markets Group, Peter was instrumental in setting up a new Recognised Investment Exchange (ISDX) focused on smaller companies and start-ups.

In parallel with his financial services career, and with his wife (artist and interior designer Ruth Canning), Peter setup an interior design and retail business in 2003. This business concentrated on designing high-end private residences, alongside retailing contemporary Italian furniture and lighting through their store in Kensington, Central London.

It was through working with international design clients and manufacturers that Peter became interested in communications and training. Having started in 2008, he now works full-time on his training and coaching career. He is the author of 'The English Interview Question & Answer Book': a guide to doing interviews for non-native English speakers.

In addition to having a B.Sc (Honours) in Computer Science, Peter also holds a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), is a Licenced Practitioner of NLP and an accredited Executive Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching).


Peter has worked with clients from a wide range of organisations and charities in the UK as well as abroad. These include Eurodisney, Oman Information Technology Authority, Europol, Fon, Publicis, Benetton, Cambridge Consultants, Fujitsu, Street Child United and Google. Peter also works with small businesses helping start-ups and SMEs both directly and through enterprise agencies.

Training Style

Peter is a trainer who believes in helping delegates to develop and explore new skills through real-life examples and facilitated discussions, as well as the underlying theory. He brings energy and enthusiasm into the training room but also provides ample opportunity for delegates to reflect on their goals and what they are learning.


Peter facilitates a range of management and communication courses. He has a passion for business strategy, marketing, finance and leadership, and regularly facilitates a number of our courses including Negotiation skillsSupervision skills and Handling difficult people and conversations.


“My experience during the course was one I will never forget. It taught me so much about the business world and opened my eyes showing me the amount of knowledge I already have and giving me the confidence boost to set off on a new journey. I truly believe that the small things in life are what makes us who we are and I will be remembering Peter’s words of encouragement, hearing them ringing in my ears throughout my journey in life. A true stepping stone.”
Mini-MBA Course Attendee
“We learned everything we needed to know through real life situations. Peter has a great personality, with so much to offer. He connects with us on a professional and personal level and honestly I can’t think of a better person to take this course with. This course will be a huge milestone in my life and Peter made it all worthwhile. It was a great pleasure meeting him and learning from his experience and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you for all your dedication and commitment Peter, it is highly appreciated.”
Mini-MBA Course Attendee