Sam Clegg

As Head of Operations at the Centre, Sam works alongside our L&D Director to develop and implement our business strategy. She is responsible for the effective management and leadership of the organisation with a focus on building strong relationships with our suppliers and associates, managing training events held at the Centre and overseeing the effective marketing of the Centre brand.

Sam has been with the Centre for four years and is an experienced Operations and Marketing Manager. At the Centre, Sam’s main responsibilities include developing and directing the implementation of our business and marketing strategy, setting and monitoring KPIs, financial and quality targets, managing our CRM system and IT support function and developing and improving our core services.

As part of this role, Sam also works closely with our Marketing Executive to develop and improve our marketing strategies and communication methods.

Sam's previous roles include Marketing and Product Executive for an international organisation specialising in baby care products and Marketing and Operations Manager for a B2B greeting card publisher.

Outside of work, Sam can be found at a range of music, film and comedy events, baking cakes and running along the Thames (burning off the cakes).

If you have any marketing or operational enquiries please email [email protected].

Please note that the Centre is registered with the Telephone Preference Service and does not accept unsolicited sales calls. Thank you.