Sylvie Lui

History and experience

Sylvie is a specialist in vocal performance training ranging from effective communication, impactful presentations, public speaking to accent softening. Her practice is refined from expert training in acting, voice and knowledge of the vocal anatomy in relation to how the body works. Her thorough understanding of intercultural, interpersonal and organisational communication is evident in her approach to teaching voice across all sectors.

Originating from a traditional background of teaching voice in the arts, Sylvie particularly enjoys tailoring and teaching voice skills to business professionals. Her interest lies in bridging the gap of differing industries by using the same vocal communication skills that can increase the vocal presence, clarity, resonance and storytelling of any speaking, pitching or communication tasks.

She has worked with professionals internationally (Russia, Romania, Luxembourg, London, India, Japan, China, Canada, USA, UK) who work in public and private sectors including executive, senior level management, entrepreneurs and other management and sales positions at corporations, NGOs and charities.

Sylvie is a trained voice coach and has been awarded a Masters of Fine Art from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. She currently teaches at high-calibre drama and dance schools in the UK and is the principle voice coach at Shout at Cancer Charity UK, helping people who have undergone laryngectomy surgeries (removal of voice box due to cancer) to learn to use and love their voices again.


Sylvie has had extensive experience with voice training across all sectors. Her most recent work has been with clients within financial services, charities, performing arts and accent softening for international clients. She has also provided private workshops to the MBA students at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, working with individuals with careers in Law, Medicine, Finance and Insurance, Technology, Engineering, NGOs, Education, Arts and Global Entrepreneurship.

With such a wide range of industries that Sylvie works with, she strives to tailor and focus every training session to fit the needs of the client.

Training style

As an active voice practitioner, Sylvie uses her experience from all her teaching and training in varying sectors to create a multi-faceted learning experience for her clients. Her creativity and instinctive approach to coaching help individuals and groups see the progress and development of skills and feedback as a supportive collective.

She guides and engages with her training groups in a creative, efficient and interactive style and is flexible to the needs of all individuals within a group and as a whole. Clients have found applying their new skills and vocal confidence in the workplace helpful and rewarding.

Sylvie is available to work with you and your organisation using the same style and techniques taught at The Centre.


Sylvie delivers a range of vocal communication and presentations courses including  Confident and effective presentationsPersonal effectiveness: be more confident at work, Multicultural teams, and Assertiveness skills. Some of these are available through our Individual training programme, or alternatively Sylvie can work closely with you to develop customised group training and facilitation programmes that meet the specific needs of your organisation or your team.


Decades of cold-sweat fear of public speaking crushed in 90 minutes. Sylvie addressed all of my issues (projection, octave, pace, confidence) in a really creative way. I loved it. I'll be incorporating her advice about movement, speed, breathing, and accentuating keywords from now on. Thank you so much for today's workshop.
AP, Impact & Investment Communications, Fordham Foundry
I benefitted from Sylvie’s easy-going and compassionate demeanour when being coached and I believe strongly that these sessions will improve our ability to communicate with authenticity and more effectively. This is a skill I desire to have throughout my life. I look forward to working with Sylvie once more
Dr. RG, Physician (Registrar), New Zealand Healthcare
This session was really helpful in getting a professional analysis of the various aspects that play a role while we speak and how could we make our speech more effective and powerful. Coming from Asia, I find it extremely valuable to learn better ways to communicate our thoughts and this workshop took me a step ahead of where I was.
Sylvie’s sessions teach us how to synchronise our thoughts and clearly present in front of our target audience in an effective manner, which can help to create a bigger social impact in the future.
AS, Propositions & Strategy, Amazon