Nov 21 2013

40 and beyond: getting a job when you’re middle aged

Guest blog from Reese Jones. At age 40, shifting to a new career or finding a new job can be really challenging. In fact, you’ll be competing with younger candidates and basically, people half your age. With these in mind, how can you stand out

Nov 14 2013

Where does the time go??

By Jess Toms, Office Manager at the Centre. Hi, I’m Jess and I am the Office Manager at the Centre. I am responsible for the building, our equipment, our published books, course materials and supporting the Centre’s delivery team.  I often work

Nov 07 2013

The writing’s on the wall, no literally

By Sally Pearman. As any one that has visited the Centre in the past year will know, we’ve been redecorating our offices to make sure our venue is comfortable, vibrant and welcoming. And I definitely think that’s something we’ve been able to

Oct 24 2013

Why do Wessex Group of Sixth Form Colleges use in-house training?

In-company training works for The Wessex Group of Sixth Form Colleges for a number of reasons, including:  value for money; ability to control training times; convenient location. The package   The Wessex Group of Sixth Form Colleges have been using the Centre

Oct 17 2013

Managing a team: what makes for a healthy and productive team?

While a team is a group of people, a group of people is not necessarily a team. What distinguishes the team is its common goal, the mutual dependence of its members and its tendency to form norms of behaviour and an identity all of which

Sep 12 2013

Email: the curse of the twenty first century?

While email is a vital communication tool in the modern office it can, like all tools, be misused and become a nuisance. If you receive 30 emails an hour, you are likely to spend 50% of your time reading and responding to them. Is this

Sep 05 2013

Risk management at the Centre - a revolutionary approach

By Howard Exton-Smith. The problem with “risk management” is that it tends to get a universally bad press – it can be stultifyingly boring and we only hear about it when it goes wrong!  Many managers will only deal with risk whilst holding their noses.

Aug 29 2013

Project management: developing your project plan

In order to develop your project plan and get a meaningful idea of what has to be done by when, it is important to break the project down into meaningful parts. You can break the project down into the activities required within each stage

Aug 07 2013

Creativity is key to organisational and personal development

Guest blog by Phyllissa Shelton. In this day of continual emergent technology, increasing digitisation and financial austerity, creativity and entrepreneurial skills will become more and more dominant economic values for organisations. And, given the recognition that most organisational growth will come from product innovation and

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