Apr 22 2013

“Would I hire me?”

Guest post by Kate Cook. During the interview process you are given a short amount of time to convince an employer of your worth and value to their organisation. To do this well requires preparation - never underestimate the difference this can make.  Start

Apr 11 2013

The art of the text message: can texting be a useful tool at work?

By Sally Pearman. At the Centre I'm responsible for managing our in-house training events. These happen up and down the country, any day of the week, at a range of times and locations. As you can imagine, our trainers are often travelling to and from

Apr 04 2013

A guide to influencing styles and when to use them

There are several different influencing styles. You are likely to have a preferred style. However, a particular influencing challenge may demand a particular style. You need to be flexible - use the right style for the situation. Influencing styles 1. Forceful People who prefer a

Mar 07 2013

Presentation skills: how to get started

Preparation is at the heart of an effective presentation. Before you even begin to develop your presentation, you will need to find out who the audience is and what is expected of you. Basic details (who, what, why, where, when?) When you are asked

Feb 07 2013

Tips for time management and managing your workload

As Oscar Wilde once said, "No man is rich enough to buy back his past." Spending your time effectively will mean you get much more out of your life. It is the key to a work/life balance and well being at work. Here

Jan 31 2013

How can small charities attract corporate partners?

The Centre's Sally Pearman took part in a live Q&A session about how to become a company's favourite charity on the Guardian website. Throughout the discussion the same topic kept arising - how do smaller/less fashionable charities attract corporate partners? Whilst

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