May 16 2019

The problem with reports….

What do people most dislike about reports?Ask any group, in any organisation, and they all come up with the same list of complaints: reports are too long, boring, repetitive, full of irrelevant information and jargon; with too many long sentences, long paragraphs and long

Apr 09 2019

Writing for success

No quick fix will transform your writing overnight. But here are ten tips from our Communications expert Chris Mohr, that, if you put into regular practice, will eventually take it to the next level. The most important person in the room when you’re writing

Apr 05 2019

Getting the best from Proofreading

“Proofreading is so boring…“After about an hour, I just lose concentration.”“I find it much easier to proofread other people’s writing than my own.” “I go over and over my documents, and still don’t see the mistakes. I’m simply not

Apr 05 2019

Delegation - letting go without losing control

Congratulations. Let’s assume you’ve just been promoted to a position of management and a colleague has said that they can gift you a specific skill. Wow. You could choose to become more strategic, you could become more efficient, you may plan better or

Apr 05 2019

Are you making these 5 mistakes in your business writing?

We all make mistakes. But some errors appear time after time in business reports, emails, letters and job applications. Does it matter? The simple answer is that yes, it does. Writing is all about communication, and how we say things in the business environment is

Jan 21 2019

How to speed read effectively from paper and screens

If you could have a super-power, what would it be? When Bill Gates, the Microsoft multi-billionaire, was asked this question, he replied he would like the power of Speed Reading. In our computer-driven age, and the volume of reading material it is producing, Speed Reading

Nov 13 2018

Are you wasting time on teambuilding?

Harvard business Review recently ran a leading article titled “stop wasting money on teambuilding”. The article, based on research carried out over a number of years by Carlos Valdes-Dapena, suggests that companies are wasting their money on increasingly different team-building activities. He gave an example

Oct 12 2018

Common causes of poor internal communication

Communication is an integral part of any organisation, and if your internal communication isn’t right then there could be some serious problems. Good internal communication, however, informs and motivates employees. It supports strategic development and ensures that everyone is clear about what the organisation

Oct 04 2018

Understanding performance management

There are so many different aspects of management, but performance management is one that shouldn’t be pushed to the side for ‘another day’. Instead, view it as a technique which benefits your team member, your team, and your organisation.What is performance management? Beyond

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