Sep 10 2015

Generation Z…the Digital Generation

By Gill Dandy. There seems to have been a lot of buzz recently about Generation Z. But what do we mean by Generation Z, and why is Gen Z the ‘talk of the town’? Generation Z Born after 1995 - just going

Jul 09 2015

​Successful negotiators – how do they do it?

Negotiation can help you to solve problems and achieve your aims. But what steps should you take to improve your negotiation skills? Recent studies* show that the most effective negotiators tend to use the following four behaviours:Asking the right questionsOpen-ended questions are particularly useful

Mar 17 2015

Rhetorical devices: add power to your speech

By Tess Woodcraft. We all use rhetorical devices, all the time, in our everyday conversation – things like rhetorical questions, metaphors to describe a situation vividly, warm words to get people to trust us. These devices give a special power to what we’re

Mar 05 2015

The pen is mightier than the sword

By Susan Croft. I am sure you have on occasion listened spellbound to a speaker who has his/her audience on the edge of their seats. What a wonderful experience it is to listen to a riveting speech or presentation which maintains our interest,

Apr 02 2014

Presentation skills: creating a good impression

Creating a good impression requires ‘impression management’. You want to give a good impression from the moment you arrive (and even before, by being professional and efficient about arrangements).  As a presenter, there are two key stages in impression management: 1. When you

Apr 11 2013

The art of the text message: can texting be a useful tool at work?

By Sally Pearman. At the Centre I'm responsible for managing our in-house training events. These happen up and down the country, any day of the week, at a range of times and locations. As you can imagine, our trainers are often travelling to and from

Apr 04 2013

A guide to influencing styles and when to use them

There are several different influencing styles. You are likely to have a preferred style. However, a particular influencing challenge may demand a particular style. You need to be flexible - use the right style for the situation. Influencing styles 1. Forceful People who prefer a

Mar 07 2013

Presentation skills: how to get started

Preparation is at the heart of an effective presentation. Before you even begin to develop your presentation, you will need to find out who the audience is and what is expected of you. Basic details (who, what, why, where, when?) When you are asked

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