Personal effectiveness

Jun 23 2016

Searching for the often elusive work/life balance

By Tracy Maduro. The work/life balance On 16 May, Mental Health Awareness Week began. So it seemed like a good time to think about how our working lives can impact on our mental health. How can we better incorporate 

Jun 02 2016

Five positive psychology coaching skills every leader needs to develop

The business world has long since recognised the value of using coaches for their top performers. But coaching skills don’t have to remain the exclusive domain of a professional coach. What if you were to grow those exact same skills in-house? As an

May 12 2016

One simple tip to improve, develop and manage your personal presence

Personal branding is not about developing a superficial image. It is about thinking through how you want to come across (who is the ‘real you’) and making sure that that is the way in which you are perceived. It’s about developing your personal presence

Apr 28 2016

Personal effectiveness: 6 Top Tips to building resilience and keeping well

It is so heartening to hear that more and more companies each year are understanding the benefits of mindfulness to their employees. Mindfulness has been proven to help employees be healthier and happier which leads to a more efficient, creative and resilient workforce.With this

Apr 07 2016

Assertiveness skills: be more assertive with power posing

We’ve all been there. Right before an interview or stressful meeting, when your emotions are running high, all of your positive thoughts and careful planning go out the window. So in these situations, how do you make the best impression and be assertive?

Feb 04 2016

​Time: Make it or take it? That is the question

By Gill Dandy. I came across a lovely old English poem a while ago entitled ‘Take Time,’ and it got me thinking about our approach to time management in the frenetic 24/7 culture we live and work in. There never seems to be enough

Dec 03 2015

How to manage change with a growth mindset

By Viv Thackray. Managing change and transition in the workplace can be challenging. These seven tips for navigating change can help steer you to success:1) Refuse to be deterred by negativity.All individuals will approach change with a different attitude, pace and enthusiasm. Guard

Oct 29 2015

The role of workplace organisation for employees

Guest blog from Emily Johnson.  While the working process is hard, there are many ways to make it more efficient. If you want to achieve better results in your career without sacrificing your health and time, you need to organise your workplace. Workplace organisation

Aug 20 2015

​Being healthy at work: my guide

By Lauren Scally. Did you know we consume at least a third of our daily calorie intake while at work? Do you feel yourself reaching for that doughnut come 3pm? Of course everyone’s allowed a treat, but maybe try swapping it

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