May 05 2016

Improve your writing skills: think before you write

Often the need for writing to be exciting outweighs the simple rules of grammar and punctuation. It can also get in the way of simplicity and even the original topic or information you want to relay to your readers.Therefore, planning before you start

Oct 08 2015

How to learn to stop worrying and love grammar

By Chris Mohr. "My grammar's really shaky." "I'd like to be able to write better sentences." "I always run my letters past my manager." "My emails get corrected, but I never understand why." Those are some of the things

Oct 01 2015

Proofreading and editing – top 10 tips

By Jakki Bendell. Proofreading and editing are important skills at work, but are often undervalued. From sales brochures and web pages to reports and job adverts, documents need to be well written and accurate to create a good first impression. They are also

Aug 13 2015

​Five top tips for better emails

By Jakki Bendell. How to write emails that are opened, read and answered! We’ve all been there. You spend ages constructing your email. Your message is clearly important and urgent (you even marked it with a red ‘important’ flag). But you

Jul 30 2015

How to improve your note-taking in meetings

By Jakki Bendell. What do you look at when you’re taking notes in a meeting? Chances are, unless you’re trained in shorthand or speed writing, it’s your notepaper. The trouble is, looking at our notes makes it difficult for us

Jul 16 2015

How to write copy for infographics

By Jakki Bendell. Infographics are a way of presenting complex information in a simple, interesting and memorable way. Marketers use them as ‘top of funnel’ pieces to draw attention to issues or encourage readers to do something further, like read a white paper

May 28 2015

Writing to influence and persuade

By Jakki Bendell. 6 steps to influence your reader in writingIn your career, and perhaps even your personal life, you may have to influence others with your writing. This might be to buy a product or service, but also to have others ‘buy’

Feb 26 2015

Digital writing: the rules

When it comes to web-writing, nobody wants to read over optimised content. That’s content where the copywriter has sacrificed quality writing in the hope of trying to come higher up on search returns. The user experience goes something like this: You have a

Jan 15 2015

​How to improve your business writing skills with 10 online tools

Guest blog by Robert Morris.There are many elements of business writing you need to master before you can call yourself a skillful business writer. No matter what your profession is, you can always use some improvement in this aspect. The following 10 tools will

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