Jun 04 2019
As a manager, can you afford not to also be a coach?

Our leadership expert, David Goodman, recently attended a seminar where a discussion took place about whether it is a manager’s role to coach their staff. We are familiar with management which focuses on the importance of setting targets, supporting your team to achieve those targets and dealing with poor performance. We are less familiar with managers who see it as important to gain coaching skills. But the tide is changing and coaching is becoming increasingly popular amongst both managers and leaders.

Let’s understand why this may be….. In previous generations people would take on a particular role, fulfil that role, often with little aspiration of promotion and work in the same job for many years. That has changed. Today we are managing a generation which expects to give an enormous amount, and to get back an equal amount. Simply monitoring their performance is no longer good enough and high-performance organisations invest a great deal in coaching.

Why? What difference does Coaching make?

We need look no further than sporting icons to understand that they cannot achieve what they’ve done alone.

Katrina Johnson-Thompson is the current European indoor champion in the women’s heptathlon. If you look up her career profile, in the first paragraph it talks about her coach Mike Holmes. I’m not here to write about either an athlete or their coach, but I am here to emphasise the role a coach plays in their success. And so it is the case in management. If you are a manager who wants their team to move up a notch, and wants to learn how to get the best out of your staff, what better way than to attend our one-day Coaching skills for managers course at the Centre, which will show you how to wave that magic wand and help your staff realise their potential? We will discuss different coaching methodologies together with emotional intelligence and how you can impact positively on your team.

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