Aug 30 2018
4 personal qualities of successful influencers

Influencing can be a powerful skill when done correctly, but when done wrong it can either result in destroyed confidence or accusations of manipulation. We expect that you didn’t set out to achieve either of those things when you made your attempt at influencing.

But don’t be disheartened, there are a huge number of techniques that could work for you. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the personal qualities of a successful influencer to help you build the right foundations.

The four personal qualities

These are the four qualities you should start with; develop them, nurture them, and use them.

1.Self confidence

2.Personal credibility/integrity

3.Leadership skills


Whilst that’s a lovely list to look at, it’s probably more useful for us to give you a bit of guidance on how you can work on these four qualities in order to be a great influencer.

Self confidence

Nerves can easily get the better of us, but we need to try and control them and direct them into energy that we can use productively. Instead of viewing a situation as a threat, try seeing it as an opportunity. Get excited about what you could get out of this and banish those fears! You should also remind yourself that it’s normal to be nervous – everyone falls victim to nerves at one point or another.

Personal credibility/integrity

If people don’t trust you, your opinions, or your ideas then they won’t be influenced by it. You can overcome this by simply doing what you say you’ll do! If you make a promise, stick to it. If you say you’ll send them a follow up email, do it. Be honest and reliable and you’ll start to see results.

Leadership skills

You might not be a natural born leader, but that’s okay. Instead, you can make yourself aware of leadership traits and put them into practice. Look forward, not to the past, with your ideas and suggestions. Make sure you’re competent; often the proof is in the pudding! Finally, seek to inspire others.


Many people worry about being too assertive for fear of being labelled as ‘bossy’ or ‘aggressive’, but a good influencer has just the right amount of assertiveness. Make sure you’re clear, and take responsibility for what you say. You should also stand up for your needs and ideas, but make sure you’re not ignoring or denigrating someone else and their ideas or needs.

Extra advice

If you’d like to learn about influencing in more depth take a look at our one day Influencing skills course

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