May 05 2016
Improve your writing skills: think before you write

Often the need for writing to be exciting outweighs the simple rules of grammar and punctuation. It can also get in the way of simplicity and even the original topic or information you want to relay to your readers.

Therefore, planning before you start writing is essential and here are the three golden rules of writing, before you start to write! 

Stage 1: The three ks to think of before you start writing

  1. Know your aims
  2. Know your audience
  3. Keep it simple

Know your aims

Remember aims are not the same as content. Content is what your piece is about. Aims are what you hope to achieve through your piece.

Know your audience

Writing is less about what you want to get off your chest and more about what the reader needs to hear from you. Speak to their interests and needs.

Keep it simple

Write in plain English and all your readers will understand you. Use simple sentence construction, pick the best words for the job, avoid waffle and jargon, and other things that might come between you and the reader.

So you’ve planned your writing but what about the next stages?

To create a great piece of writing that combines both excitement, excellent grammar and punctuation as well as being simple and to the point, involves multiple stages. Our Writing skills: the basics course is perfect for those across all sectors that want to build confidence in writing for their organisation. It will take you through the writing process from beginning to end. So book now to build your confidence in writing for your organisation.

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