May 12 2016
One simple tip to improve, develop and manage your personal presence

Personal branding is not about developing a superficial image. It is about thinking through how you want to come across (who is the ‘real you’) and making sure that that is the way in which you are perceived. It’s about developing your personal presence and managing the impression people have of you.

There are many simple and easy methods that can be used to help you improve, develop and manage your personal presence and confidence. Thinking positively with focus and energy is one way of empowering your sense of self.

 Use power words to focus your energy

First of all there are some questions you need to ask yourself:

How would you like to come across to others? What impression would you like to create?

Asking yourself these questions and reflecting on the answers, can really help you focus your energy and centre yourself. It can get you into the right frame of mind before you enter a room.

Choose words that are realistic, but aspirational – you, as you would like to be seen. You as a worthy representative of your organisation.

As an example power words could be:


Remember: these are your words, so choose words that inspire you and create the right picture of how you want to be viewed by others. 

Practising your power words

Once you have your list of power words, write them down or memorise them. Make sure you give yourself five minutes before entering into a room, where your personal presence is going to be tried and tested. Concentrate hard and say your power words to yourself.

This simple exercise will help increase your focus and energy for the task at hand. As well as improve your confidence when you do walk into that room. 

Look after your well-being

Did you know that next week it’s Mental Health Awareness week! (see for more details). We understand the importance of looking after your mental health, as well as your physical health. That’s why we offer a variety of Personal effectiveness courses such as Be more confident at workMindfulness at work: an introduction and Positive psychology coaching: applying the science. All of these courses are aimed to help you look after your physical and mental well-being which in turn leads to improved confidence and efficiency in the workplace. So it’s a win-win situation!

For the month of May we’re running a 20% off offer on our Personal effectiveness: be more confident at work course.

Gill Dandy is a communications professional with 25 years consultancy and in-house experience in the public relations industry. Her communications experience in this sector includes working as Director of Development and PR in Higher Education, Communications Director of a membership organisation and Interim Director of Communications for a disability charity.

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