Sep 22 2016
Take your presentations to the next level

Speaking in front of other people, no matter what size the audience, can be extremely daunting. But with a bit of practice and learning different techniques, you can develop effective communication skills and build your confidence

Tess Woodcraft, one of the Centre’s senior trainers and consultants specialises in diversity and strategic corporate communication. Get tips on public speaking and feel inspired with her round up of top speeches from effective presenters...

Practical tips for presenters:

Ted Talk on body language

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy speaks about the importance of body language and how to come across more confident.

The skill of self confidence

Dr Ivan Joseph explains how you can feel more confident in this talk. Watch to see how his use of repetition, practice, persistence and positivity makes him an effective speaker.

Techniques that lead to success:

Do the impossible

TEDx inspirational speaker Croix Sather uses hand gestures, pace, rhetorical questions and emphasis on key works to deliver a successful motivational speech.

Climate change

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a ground breaking speech at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit. Take note of how he uses conversational language and a credibility statement to engage the audience.

Women’s rights campaign

See how actor Emma Watson uses body language and expresses the clarity of her aims in her famous speech about gender equality.

Presidential debate 1992

In the speech that is generally agreed to have won him the 1992 presidential election, Clinton breaks away from the usual conventions and makes contact with the audience, talking personally and passionately about the issues he is putting across.

How to stop screwing yourself over

Speaker Mel Robbins uses an informal style and makes the stage her own in this talk about achieving happiness.


In the first five minutes of his keynote speech, Andrew Kramer crafts a relationship with the audience by using questions to get involved with them and grab their attention.

Want to learn more? 

Our two-day Impactful presentations: a masterclass course will equip you with the tools and advice you need to take your presentations to the next level. The course will help you find your own unique style and build on your existing skills enabling you to become a highly effective spokesperson for your organisation.

Tess Woodcraft is one of the Centre's senior trainer/consultants, working on diversity and strategic corporate communication. She worked as a journalist for BBC Radio 4 and presented a long running current affairs programme on Channel 4.

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