Diversity training, coaching and consultancy

When it comes to diversity training we've found that there is no ‘one size fits all' approach that will genuinely benefit an organisation. An individual's and an organisation's grasp of equality and diversity issues, the legal frame work and good practice can vary massively.

That's why we deliver a range of diversity services; so you can pick and choose the level, the time and the way in which you and your colleagues learn.

At the Centre we believe that diverse organisations in which staff feel safe, supported and embraced, are much stronger and ultimately happier. As such, all of our diversity training is delivered in a confidential environment so people feel confident to ask questions and we only use experienced diversity facilitators to deliver these workshops. We aim to provide a safe space in which our delegates can think, question and raise their awareness of diversity and what they can do in the workplace to create and inclusive environment.

Our diversity packages:

What our clients say

The Prostate Cancer Charity: "The course was good. The trainer was engaging and made all the information relevant and accessible to everyone in the group." JK, Head of HR

Hammersmith and Fulham Mind: “The impact for me personally as the Director of the organisation has been an organic and evolving process. It was not training that was merely delivered and boxes ticked, it has become a way of thinking in my everyday life.” Teresa McGinn, Director

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If you are interested in any of the above packages to be run in-company for your organisation, would like to discuss you requirements in more detail, or you want to explore other options such as coaching and consultancy, contact Sally Pearman on 020 7490 3030 or sally.pearman@the-centre.co.uk.