Book 14 July at 11:00

The Art of Storytelling: How to get your audience on the edge of their seats (45 mins session)

Trainer: Susan Croft

Course overview:
Most great orators and presenters understand that communicating a powerful idea is best done through storytelling.The art of delivering a business narrative that is attention getting and memorable can effectively inspire and influence others. This free webinar will cover thevarious narrative patterns drawn from mythology, folklore and nursery tales and show you how to apply these to create drama and impact in your communication.Storytelling is one of the best ways to get your audience on the edge of their seats. And once you know how – it’s easy!Telling a good story is an effective way to make your point and win hearts and minds, because facts tell and stories sell.

Outcomes from the session:
Learn the key elements in conveying an inspiring message to create real audience engagement
Learn how to make an emotional connection with your audience making you and your story truly memorable.
(45 minutes session)