Model making awaydays

Boost your team’s spirit with Aardman awaydays

Aardman awaydays are a unique an exciting opportunity to get your team out of the office and working together.

Creative and interactive

The day is fun, interactive and laced with insights on communication, leadership or team building depending on the focus you want for your day.

It’s a very practical awayday with clay modelling, filming and animation, videos, discussion and team activities. Attendees get to make a short film, create their own models out of clay, as well as working in teams in a relaxed and creative environment.

Tailored for you

You can choose to focus on leadership, communication or team building skills, bringing a creative solution to corporate awaydays. Whatever day you want to create, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience that suits the culture and focus of your organisation.

Bring the magic to your organisation

To find out more about Aardman awaydays contact Sally Pearman on 0207 4903030 or