Jun 22 2017

5 top tips for better emails

By Jakki Bendell. We’ve all been there. You spend ages constructing your email. Your message is clearly important and urgent (you even marked it with a red ‘important’ flag). But you receive no response…When you chase up a few days

Jun 15 2017

Without emotions we would all be like robots

By Jessica Toms - Office Manager Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence. - Robert K. Cooper, PhDBeing a busy Office Manager and

Jun 08 2017

How to give effective feedback

By Daljeet Singh. Feedback is one of those words that will often make us cringe. We have all heard somebody come to us and mention feedback that they would like to give, or that someone else has given, and we prepare ourselves for

Jun 02 2017

Managing volunteers this National Volunteers’ Week

Happy National Volunteers’ Week! 1-7 June 2017 is your chance to say a big ‘thank you’ to your dedicated and hardworking volunteers, and it’s also an opportunity to take a look at your organisation’s relationship with its volunteers.To help you and your

May 25 2017

Building the foundations of brand ‘you’

Brands are all around us; from that Starbucks coffee you picked up this morning, right down to your M&S socks. But have you stopped to think about your personal brand? Whilst you might not be on the same level as Nike, you still

May 18 2017

5 reasons to be creative during Learning at Work Week

This week sees the return of Learning at Work Week, an annual event that inspires organisations to take a good, hard look at their learning and development. For us, every week is a learning at work week, but not everyone can be as well

May 16 2017

Creativity driven learning at CIPD

Last week we attended the CIPD Learning & Development show at London Olympia, and boy did we have a great time!As well as meeting loads of friendly and ambitious people, we put one of our trainers onto the Topic Taster platform to

May 04 2017

Managing change successfully

By David Goodman. Research indicates that over 70% of change fails within 18 months of it being introduced. The reason given is a lack of understanding of the importance of bringing people on board during all stages of change. The mechanics of change is not

Apr 27 2017

Four key styles of management (and when to use them)

Being a manager requires an ability to quickly adapt, and if you’re an experienced manager you’ll know how quickly tricky situations can arise. These situations can also change every day, which means that relying on one standard approach isn’t an option.Our

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