Apr 27 2017

Four key styles of management (and when to use them)

Being a manager requires an ability to quickly adapt, and if you’re an experienced manager you’ll know how quickly tricky situations can arise. These situations can also change every day, which means that relying on one standard approach isn’t an option.Our

Apr 20 2017

Top five negotiation tips

Knowing how to negotiate well can provide your organisation with fantastic results. It can help you solve problems and achieve your goals, whilst ensuring that all parties involved feel the outcome is fair.Our Negotiating skills course will take wannabe pro-negotiators through the process

Apr 13 2017

Three golden rules to successful writing

Good writing isn’t just a nice skill to have, it is one that can be a huge asset to your organisation. Effective writing puts the power in your hands; giving you the chance to convey your ideas, capture attention, and influence people positively. It

Apr 06 2017

Use storytelling to motivate and inspire others

By Jakki Bendell. Storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques we have to persuade others. Long before movies, TV series or even the first books, humans have been hard-wired to love and remember stories. Not just for entertainment, but for inspiration too. We

Mar 22 2017

​Top tips to get the best out of supervision

Performance management is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of managers - it is a key responsibility for anyone who has a line management role, and, along with motivating and dealing with staff development, is an integral part of that role. These are our top

Mar 16 2017

Transcendent Time Management

This article is taken from a blog post by Simon Horton, one of the Centre’s trainers. It ain’t the to-do list So in my previous post, we talked about a delegate on my Time Management course who was an advisor to an

Mar 08 2017

Women in management: 4 TED Talks to inspire female leaders

By Samantha Kauss.  Did you know that there twice as many men named John who hold chief executive and chair positions of the FTSE 100 than there are women in the same roles? That’s right. There are only seven women who have secured the

Mar 02 2017

Feedback or feed forward, give the way you would want to receive it

Guest blog by David Goodman. Amongst the many emails which recently landed in my mailbox, I found one titled, 'Feed forward. Stop focusing on the past and help your employees achieve a positive change for the future’. The email suggested that there was little

Feb 16 2017

River deep, mountain high: the journey towards Effective Followship

Guest blog by Stacey Killon Have you ever thought about the way you come across towards your team? We’ve all have that bad day, bad week even and for me sometimes it simply takes that one email and I am reaching for the

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