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Working effectively across cultures

Course summary

Organisations are more global than ever before. For some, this will involve working with teams in different time zones, multi-lingual meetings with partners from different countries or leading remote or virtual teams. For others, this may simply mean working with managers, staff and stakeholders who have a range of experiences, values and cultures.

Your challenge as a manager is how to engage, communicate and lead people who have such a range of voices. This one-day management course has been designed not to list cultural differences and predict clashes but to talk about how you can create an environment that is inclusive, recognises different styles and focuses on tools and strategies to enable collective planning and collaborative working.

Course dates and location

This course takes place at the Centre's Central London training suite with easy access to tube and mainline rail stations. 

Please note: we allow a maximum of three people per organisation on our Individual training courses.

Our next available course dates for individuals are:

  • 26 August, 2020

This course starts at 10am and will finish by 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Alternatively, we can deliver this course at your venue, for your team, on a date and time that suits you. If you have four or more people who would like to attend this course then Group training could be the most cost-effective option. Contact one of our Training Coordinators on 020 7490 3030 or email for more information and a quote. 

  • Course outline

    Our Working effectively across cultures course will cover:

    • what is culture and how does it impact the way we communicate and understand information?
    • how does culture impact us at work?
    • unconscious bias and how that can create problems in the workplace
    • the impact of cultural differences on:
      • leadership
      • decision making
      • communication
      • risk taking
      • team working
      • conflict resolution
    • matching solutions to different work place challenges for:
      • adaptation
      • structure and process changes
      • management interventions
      • mentoring
    • checking for individual and collective understanding
    • building trust and identity within a multicultural team
    • best practice case studies: applying the theory to the world of work
    • action planning
    • 12 month call back service



  • Who is this course for?

    This one-day course is primarily for managers, or team leaders, who want to have a better understanding of how culture can impact on their team and group performance. This practical course, Working effectively across cultures, provides a toolkit that enables managers to address challenges, communicate effectively and reap the benefits of working in a diverse team.

    This course can also be delivered in-house to a team, so that as a collective they can openly discuss and learn more about working in a diverse group.

  • What will this course help me do: learning outcomes?

    You will gain an understanding of what culture is and how individual styles and preference can impact the engagement and performance of others. You will be given a practical toolkit and resources to help you successfully manage challenges and build a high-performing, multicultural team.

    You will gain confidence in leading your team, so as to get the best from every individual, both from their point of view and from yours as well as that of your organisation.

  • Other courses to consider

    The Centre offers a range of other management and communication courses which complement this course, including: Moving from manager to leaderInfluencing skills and Equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Course fee
    • £589 plus VAT not-for-profit price (applies to charities and all other not-for-profit organisations, including public sector and housing)
    • £654 plus VAT standard price (applies to all other organisations)

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