Supervision skills: managing people and teams

(Former name: Managing people and teams)

Course summary

Performance management is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of managers - it is a key responsibility for anyone who has a line management role, and, along with motivating and dealing with staff development, is an integral part of that role. This two-day Supervision skills training course in London will help you develop the skills and confidence to build a focused, highly effective team.

Course dates and location

We can deliver this course virtually for your organisation, on a date and time that suits you. If you have four or more people who would like to attend this course then group training could be the most cost-effective option. Contact one of our Training Coordinators on 020 7490 3030 or email for more information and a quote.

If you would like to attend this course then register your interest with us. Currently, this course is run on request meaning that a date will be scheduled once we have at least three people interested in attending this course. 

  • There are no dates available at the moment.
  • Course outline

    Over the two days you will learn how to:

    • distinguish a team from a group and understand what makes a 'team'
    • use different skills for different types of team (inc. self directed teams and remote teams)
    • recognise the front-line skills you need as a manager
    • apply principles of management to different situations
    • assess the management culture of your own organisation, and compare this with best practice
    • motivate your team and manage performance by
      o using different management styles, tailored to the individual and the situation
      o setting clear, understandable targets and evaluating performance against them
      o understanding how to motivate people at work
      o distinguishing between motivators and ‘hygiene factors'
      o understanding 'management behaviours'
      o relating staff development to motivation and identifying different ways of assisting staff development
      o offering constructive feedback to improve performance
      o linking formal procedures to performance management
    • manage your team by
      o understanding the factors which enable a group to bond as a team
      o setting goals, showing how these link to corporate and individual goals and encouraging your team to achieve the
      o seeing which management behaviours promote team bonding
      o recognising the key role of communication in team leadership
      o understanding how to delegate
    • provide support and boundaries
      o successfully managing friends and/or former peers
      o establishing and maintaining boundaries
      o supporting staff in different situations including health/personal difficulties
    • use different communication styles and methods to manage your own manager
    • the role of mediation in the manager's toolkit, and how to use it appropriately
    • a year of free support

    Still not sure if this is the right course for you? Why not take a look at our top tips for managers, which will give you a taste of the course content as well as some free, handy advice!

  • Who is this course for?

    This people and performance management training is for team leaders, and those who have line management responsibility. The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

  • What will this course help me do: learning outcomes?

    Our people and performance management course will help you to understand your role as a manager, give you some helpful guidelines for performance management and show you how to apply a range of skills to develop a successful and motivated team.

  • Other courses to consider

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  • Course fee
    • £1091 plus VAT not-for-profit price (applies to charities and all other not-for-profit organisations, including public sector and housing)
    • £1224 plus VAT standard price (applies to all other organisations)