Book 11 August at 11:00

Virtual meetings - the Do’s, Don’ts and Etiquette (30 mins session)

Trainer: Gill Dandy

Course overview:

Apparently, before we all started working remotely we spent over a third of our working day in face-to-face meetings.

Now that many of us are still working from home these meetings are being held remotely. And, as you have no doubt discovered, virtual meetings have their own unique challenges and require a very different focus and energy to face-to-face meetings

So, how do we navigate the ‘new normal’ for business meetings to ensure that if we must run and attend meetings they are time well spent?

This Cuppa Series Live webinar will look at how can we still run and participate in effective meetings even when everyone is participating online from different locations.

Our 30-minute session will look at some do’s and don’ts and top tips for productive virtual meetings including

Outcomes from the session:

What makes a well-run virtual meeting

The role of the chair and participants

Etiquette for online meetings

(30 minutes session)