May 18 2017
5 reasons to be creative during Learning at Work Week

This week sees the return of Learning at Work Week, an annual event that inspires organisations to take a good, hard look at their learning and development. For us, every week is a learning at work week, but not everyone can be as well versed when it comes to learning and development (L&D) training.

With each year comes a theme, and this year organisers have opted for ‘curious and creative’ which we think is brilliant! Just last week at the CIPD Learning & Development show one of our trainers gave a great mini-presentation on creativity driven learning; you can read more about it here.

The days of ‘boring’ learning are becoming a distant memory, as more and more L&D professionals are realising the benefits of incorporating creativity into training sessions. So, notepads and pens at the ready; here are five reasons why you should get creative with your L&D strategy.

1. It boosts engagement

Think back to the most boring class you had at school, can you remember any of the content of that lesson? We thought not. It was probably dull because the teacher spoke at you for an hour and you had to just sit and listen. During that time your mind was most likely wandering and not paying attention to the topic at hand.

Creative L&D encourages engagement and gets learners involved in the subject. As a result they’ll have a higher retention rate when it comes to remembering the details of the session.

2. Learners are changing

Learners no longer want to come to work, get the job done, get paid and leave. That isn’t enough for them anymore, they want to find value in their work. Giving them the development and opportunity that they seek can easily be achieved with a creative touch.

3. Lessons won’t be left in the classroom

Delegates who have had engaging, creative training are much more likely to use their new knowledge beyond the training room. With engagement comes memory, and with memory comes action. If learners are active from the start of the L&D journey they’ll be active throughout and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

4. Happy learners make for a happy workplace

L&D training sessions can be a little awkward when colleagues who don’t really know each other are put into a room and given a presentation. However a creative session that encourages collaboration allows learners to come out of their shells and get to know each other, which gives their sense of community a lovely boost. Feeling like they’re a part of something provides a learner with more morale, and also gives them an extra incentive to stick around and work hard.

5. We all need a push sometimes

Comfort zones are lovely, but as Peter F. Drucker said, “If you want something new you have to stop doing something old”. If your current L&D strategy is feeling a little stagnant and not getting you results, then a change could be exactly what you need. Pushing learners, and yourself, into a new creative technique gives everyone the breath of fresh air they may need.

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