Apr 09 2019

Writing for success

No quick fix will transform your writing overnight. But here are ten tips from our Communications expert Chris Mohr, that, if you put into regular practice, will eventually take it to the next level. The most important person in the room when you’re writing

Apr 05 2019

Getting the best from Proofreading

“Proofreading is so boring…“After about an hour, I just lose concentration.”“I find it much easier to proofread other people’s writing than my own.” “I go over and over my documents, and still don’t see the mistakes. I’m simply not

Apr 05 2019

Are you making these 5 mistakes in your business writing?

We all make mistakes. But some errors appear time after time in business reports, emails, letters and job applications. Does it matter? The simple answer is that yes, it does. Writing is all about communication, and how we say things in the business environment is

Mar 28 2018

Why you should care about grammar

Love it or hate it, grammar is an integral part of the English language and can have a huge impact if used incorrectly. From a missing comma that cost a company $5 million, to funny spelling mistakes and typos, grammar is something you need

Mar 15 2018

Speed reading in the digital age

By David AylwinIf you could have a super-power, what would it be? It would be nice to be able to fly, obviously, but cheap airlines make it a bit of a waste of a super-power. You can go to Nice for £30 without it, and

Sep 14 2017

9 tips for social media writing

Around 2.7 billion people in the world use social media, that’s 37% of the global population. Most of us have at least one social media account, but posting pictures of your cat on your personal Instagram account is a bit different from Tweeting for your organisation

Jun 29 2017

Improve your proofreading in 5 easy steps

Having the job of proofreading a long, important document can be daunting. With a deadline in the diary and the looming fear that you no longer know how to spell anything, proofreading is often met with a panicked expression. However, once you’ve got the

Jun 22 2017

5 top tips for better emails

By Jakki Bendell. We’ve all been there. You spend ages constructing your email. Your message is clearly important and urgent (you even marked it with a red ‘important’ flag). But you receive no response…When you chase up a few days

May 18 2017

5 reasons to be creative during Learning at Work Week

This week sees the return of Learning at Work Week, an annual event that inspires organisations to take a good, hard look at their learning and development. For us, every week is a learning at work week, but not everyone can be as well

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