Personal effectiveness

Dec 08 2020

Mastering Uncertainty

In this blog, we will look at ways on how to navigate and blossom during these harsh times.Overview: Tips on treating yourself well: Building resilience during uncertainty Developing a growth mind-set: Overcoming challenges Stepping onto the Battlefield: Being ready to capture opportunitiesTreat yourself wellIt

Oct 19 2020

Emotional Intelligence in 2020 isn’t a “nice to have”, it’s a MUST!

Do you remember back at the start of this year when we used to kid ourselves that we appreciated the importance of emotional intelligence? We may have even prided ourselves that we were quite good at it! But on what basis did we think that.

Sep 04 2019

Emotional Intelligence in Management and Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is a phrase that was coined by Daniel Goleman in the 1990’s and is now being used more and more, being seen as something that managers need to possess if they are to “get on”.Traditionally intelligence has been measured using qualifications and

Sep 25 2018

Getting started with self-awareness

We often rush through the day; getting on with our work without really giving our thoughts and feelings space, and not realising how our reactions or actions are impacting those around us. When we do this we’re lacking self-awareness, a helpful tool that has

Aug 30 2018

4 personal qualities of successful influencers

Influencing can be a powerful skill when done correctly, but when done wrong it can either result in destroyed confidence or accusations of manipulation. We expect that you didn’t set out to achieve either of those things when you made your attempt at influencing.

Aug 23 2018

5 benefits of Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has been popular in the business world since 1995, and although 23 years have passed it still plays a huge role in successful businesses. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a big fan of Emotional intelligence, and has used it in the past to

Aug 16 2018

The 6 core values of networking

Hands up who enjoys networking! You probably have your hands firmly by your sides, right? Well, you’re not alone. Whilst 25% of professionals admit to not networking at all, 41% would like to networking more frequently – so what’s the problem? Many of us assume

Jun 14 2018

To assert or not to assert?

By Sylvie Lui Assertiveness has long been a behaviour associated with words such as direct, aggressive, forceful and pushy. The truth of it all is that – when assertive behaviour is used purely as a tool to state your stance and boundaries, it is one

May 24 2018

How to bring mindfulness into your working life

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular all around the world; there are apps, colouring books, and even a little tracker that measures your breathing. But what has mindfulness got to do with daily working life? And, vitally, can it really make a difference? What is mindfulness?

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