Mar 02 2017
Feedback or feed forward, give the way you would want to receive it

Guest blog by David Goodman. 

Amongst the many emails which recently landed in my mailbox, I found one titled, 'Feed forward. Stop focusing on the past and help your employees achieve a positive change for the future’. The email suggested that there was little value in reflecting on a mistake.

I like the idea but it misses the point. Whether feedback or feed forward, it is what you focus on which makes a difference.

Let me give you an example. An employee organises an event which is not a success. If your mindset is one of concentrating on the failure, then the feedback is likely to be critical and demotivating. If your mindset is however focused on improving on the situation, then your feedback is likely to be constructive and empowering.

Feedback is an important part of both personal development and career development. Get it wrong and it will have a negative effect. It does no-one any good to gloss over mistakes. It does everyone a great deal of good to support their staff and show them how they can improve on previous failures. So whether you call it feedback or feed forward, remember four essential elements and success is assured.

Steps to giving successful feedback 

1. Don’t blame them. They didn’t plan to fail

2. Make sure they are clear about the gap between your expectations and their delivery

3. Ask them how they can improve and make sure mistakes are not repeated

4. Make sure your staff member has the support and resources to succeed

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to creating a loyal, reliable and competent member of your team. 

Effective feedback and conversations

In a world where people are increasingly more likely to work remotely and with organisations growing and becoming more complex, there is an increasing need to have effective feedback conversations with colleagues and employees. Our one-day Effective feedback and conversations training course helps managers gain the skills and confidence they need to have these critical conversations. The Centre also has a range of other management courses to build skills in all aspects of leadership roles. 

David Goodman has over 25 years' experience as a coach, consultant and trainer focusing on enhancing performance and productivity with individuals, teams and organisations. David specialises in the Management Ladder, creating strong leadership at all levels.

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