Aug 16 2018
The 6 core values of networking

Hands up who enjoys networking!

You probably have your hands firmly by your sides, right? Well, you’re not alone. Whilst 25% of professionals admit to not networking at all, 41% would like to networking more frequently – so what’s the problem?

Many of us assume we understand networking – you turn up to an event, you have a free glass of wine to boost the confidence, maybe snack on the carrot sticks and tiny sausage rolls, then attempt to talk to complete strangers. After an hour or so, you’ve found one person who laughed at your bad joke, forced your business card into the hands of 10 others, and are ready to leave.

Whilst we all love a free drink and a snack, was there any value in that hour of ‘networking’? Did you make any meaningful connections that will have a positive impact on your career or organisation? Or did you just force yourself upon as many people as possible?

Networking is about quality, not just quantity.

For this reason, there’s a set of core values at the heart of good networking. Once you understand them you’ll find networking a lot easier and much more effective. Bookmark this blog, write down the values – tattoo them on your forearm if you need to, just remember them!

  • Trust is a vital element of good networking. It takes time to build, but once it’s there it will make your networking so much more effective. People won’t trust you if they think you’re trying to take advantage of them or use them.
  • Generosity and sharing will transform your networking! The more you give, the more you get.
  • Make people feel good about themselves by asking questions, asking their opinion on something, or being appreciative.
  • Keep promises and be conscientious, don’t say you’re going to give them the moon on a stick and then never speak to them again!
  • Stay in touch with everyone you meet, whether it’s a phone call, a lunch, or a comment on their LinkedIn post.
  • Loyalty will help you, and show you to be a great contact to have. Share business referrals, suppliers and information.

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