Apr 22 2013
“Would I hire me?”

Guest post by Kate Cook.

During the interview process you are given a short amount of time to convince an employer of your worth and value to their organisation. To do this well requires preparation - never underestimate the difference this can make.  Start with confirming the exact place and time of the interview and ensure you know the interviewer's name.  Familiarise yourself with the route to the interview site and always leave extra time for unexpected delays. Being late is never a good start!

It may sound obvious but, start with a positive attitude. You have been selected for interview from many other applicants and you have now an opportunity to make a statement about yourself in person! Think about what makes you the ideal candidate for the job, what it is about the role that interests you and why you want to work at the company.  Here are some tips:

  • Be confident - a firm handshake and a broad smile speak volumes.
  • Dress appropriately: ideally you'll want to be wearing more or less what the people who work at the company are wearing, only a little more formal.
  • Maintain eye contact, sit up straight and show you are interested.
  • Take spare copies of your CV with you.
  • Be positive. In particular, avoid negative comments about past employers.
  • Order your thoughts but be your authentic self, let your personality come through, the interviewer wants to know that they could work with you on a daily basis.
  • Be a good listener, do not interrupt the interviewer when they are speaking.
  • The interview is a two way street, prepare a list of questions you want to ask and use this as a chance to demonstrate you've done your research.
  • During the interview encourage the interviewer to share more information about the company, it will convey your interest and enthusiasm.
  • Avoid being the first to bring up the subject of salary, you may be asking for too much or too little which could rule you out of a job offer. If you are directly asked about your salary expectations reinforce that at this point you are more interested in the opportunities afforded by the position.
  • Do not go into details that are irrelevant to the interview, avoid giving too much personal information, remain honest but professional.
  • Everything you say should ultimately answer the question "Why should we hire you"? Give ‘example answers', giving evidence to back up your point, and avoid answering with just "Yes" or "No".
  • If you feel that the interview is not going well, do not let your discouragement show.
  • Always thank the interviewer for their time, smile and shake their hand when leaving.

Be content that with your preparation and correct interview technique, you have done the best you can. Good luck!

Matchstick is a leading boutique consultancy specialising in the supply of both Office and HR professionals on a permanent, temporary and contract basis, across all industry sectors in London.  Kate Cook heads up the Temp Division and has been in recruitment for 12 years, the last five with Matchstick!


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