Feb 08 2017

Managing the maverick

Guest blog by David Goodman. Last year the Harvard Business Review ran an article, ‘The Unmanageable Star Performer’. The title says it all.The article is about a maverick manager who is running a department in a large multi-national company. The team is producing

Jan 25 2017

Management top tips: successful delegation

Whether you’re stepping into your first management role or you are at the top of the management ladder, delegation is always one of the toughest aspects of the job. Passing on a task to someone else can cause a domino effect of anxieties. You

Dec 15 2016

Leading your virtual team to success

Guest blog by Susan Croft.Does this situation sound familiar? You are connecting via conference call to your team of whom one is in India, another in France, and a third in Ireland. You are in your office in London waiting for everyone to connect

Dec 08 2016

Management skills: how to go from being a good leader to a great leader

Guest blog by David GoodmanAre you looking after your portfolio?If you want good results, tell your staff what to do. If you want great results let them tell you what they are doing.People who deal in stocks, shares and currencies are constantly seeking

Nov 17 2016

​Talent management: How to keep your best staff engaged

People are at the heart of every organisation. It is your workforce that will ultimately determine how effective your business will be, and whether it can rise to meet difficult challenges in the future. Having a strong team is an invaluable asset, so why is

Oct 19 2016

How to avoid bulling behaviour in the workplace

One of the most difficult tasks for a manager is to ensure that their employees are performing to a high standard and that instances of stress, underperformance, absence and bullying in the workplace are dealt with correctly. Our one-day performance management training course is ideal

Oct 06 2016

Developing a connection: building rapport in the workplace

It is relatively easy to establish rapport with someone who is like you, but to build rapport with someone who has a different personality to yourself can be much more difficult. Learn how to connect with members of your team and enhance your communication and

Sep 29 2016

How to be a successful manager

Whether you’re moving into your first management role or have years of experience managing a team, it’s important to remember that you are always learning and developing your own skills as well as ensuring your team members grow too. Here at the Centre,

Sep 09 2016

Mastering strategy and making it fun!

By Dr Michael Cassop Thompson. It is probable that, like me, you may prefer work when things are challenging, enjoyable and fun. Strategy, the bane of many a leader or managers life, can also be fun if you are adequately equipped to

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