Mar 17 2016

HR top tips: The importance of a strong meaningful welcome

By Lucy Whitehall. I recently spent time reflecting on what makes a good workplace and more specifically how organisations can make the employee experience the best it can possibly be. This may have traditionally fallen into the preserve of human resources (HR), but

Mar 03 2016

Event management: What a great idea for an event – says who?

By Chris Powell. I’ve had a few ideas in my time – some good, some not so good and some well, let’s just say my audiences were not quite ready for them! As we all know ideas come and go. Some of

Feb 25 2016

Change management: 3 steps to manage yourself and others through change

By Viv Thackray. "There is nothing so stable as change." Bob DylanTransition and Change When most of us think about change at work, we think of an event that takes place quickly and alters the externals of a situation, for example, a

Feb 18 2016

No decisions = no leadership

By David Goodman. Effective leadership demands action. Action is preceded by decisions.The single most important quality of a leader is to make decisions. This takes a department from A to B. Having an inspiring vision is valueless if you don’t take

Feb 11 2016

Listen. Question. Learn: creating a coaching culture in the workplace

What are the hallmarks of high performing managers, teams and companies? In my experience, these individuals or groups have two highly developed skills: 1) They know how to listenThis means that they are able to hear criticism, they recognise the dangers of selective listening

Jan 28 2016

Why being right can lead you to be wrong: the ‘Ah-hah I told you so’ bias

By Peter Sheridan. I was running a workshop on decision making recently and there are lots of reasons why people make poor business decisions. The grand-daddy of them all is often called ‘confirmation bias’ but I prefer to call it the ‘Ah-hah I

Jan 14 2016

Got a New Year’s resolution? Try thinking more strategically

By Howard Exton-Smith. These days 'strategy' seems to be everywhere — we either have to produce a strategic plan or to think 'more strategically'. As managers, we are increasingly required to contribute to or write plans that embrace our strategy. But what does

Jan 07 2016

How to communicate a difficult message

By Jakki Bendell. An important part of being a leader is that sometimes you have to deliver a difficult message – one that is high-stakes, where opinions vary and/or where emotions run high.Whether you are delivering bad news to a group

Dec 03 2015

How to manage change with a growth mindset

By Viv Thackray. Managing change and transition in the workplace can be challenging. These seven tips for navigating change can help steer you to success:1) Refuse to be deterred by negativity.All individuals will approach change with a different attitude, pace and enthusiasm. Guard

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