Sep 01 2016

​Nice event? So exactly what have I learnt?

By Chris Powell. That’s a few hours of my life I will never get back. Yes, I did enjoy the canapes and the bubbles, but what have I learnt. Alas, it’s a question I have to ask myself all too often.

Aug 11 2016

​Brexit and inclusive leadership: 10 point manifesto

Guest blog from the Equality Academy. At the Equality Academy, we see the challenge of Brexit as a situation demanding bold, inspired and inclusive leadership. Here’s our ten point ‘manifesto’ to help you be an inclusive leader in the wake of Brexit: 1.

Aug 04 2016

Leading with authenticity

By Hilary Carty. There’s a great buzz in leadership circles about ‘authenticity’ – a further pinnacle towards which leaders can strive. We instinctively appreciate authenticity – when that distinctive chime of integrity and honesty ring out loud and clear. But how do we achieve

Jul 28 2016

The do’s and don’ts of interviewing prospective employees

By Susan Croft. Hiring new staff is an expensive process and it’s critical to get it right. Often candidates complain that their interviews were poorly handled in terms of the questions asked, the information given and the general attitude of the interviewer

Jul 14 2016

Being a VUCA leader in a VUCA world

By Hilary Reen. What does VUCA stand for? You may have heard the term VUCA used recently. It stands for:Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and AmbiguousA few words that describe the business world we live in and the issues we may be currently facing

Jul 07 2016

7 principles of intercultural communication by the Equality Academy

Equality, diversity and inclusion are everyone’s business. The importance of intercultural communication in the workplace has never been felt as strongly, especially now with tensions running high across the country following the fallout from the EU referendum vote.To help promote healthier outcomes in

Jun 02 2016

Five positive psychology coaching skills every leader needs to develop

The business world has long since recognised the value of using coaches for their top performers. But coaching skills don’t have to remain the exclusive domain of a professional coach. What if you were to grow those exact same skills in-house? As an

May 26 2016

Handling difficult situations: two sides to every coin…

A wise person once said, "It’s not me – it’s everyone else that has the problem".It can easily feel like this sometimes, we just know we’re right and if only more people thought like us then the world would be a

Mar 31 2016

Strategy courses at the Centre: which one should I choose?

We were recently asked by a delegate who attended one of our Strategy courses that run at the Centre:                 ‘So what’s the difference between the one-day course and the two-day course?’ It was developed for

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