Jun 30 2016

The pen is mightier than the sword

By Susan Croft.  Are you a speech writer? Speech writing can be a daunting prospect. However a well-written and well-delivered speech can be a forceful medium for promoting an organisation and highlighting its leaders as well as a powerful way to communicate

Apr 21 2016

​Customer service skills: the importance of customer care

By Russell Caird.  My experience with bad customer service I was recently staying in a hotel where I had a bad experience with poor customer service, which has haunted me ever since. I arrived quite late following a four hour journey and, to

Mar 22 2016

Presentation and communication skills: which course is right for you?

By Jakki Bendell. Looking to improve your presentation or communication skills? The Centre offers a suite of courses for people at different stages of their career. This overview introduces three of our recently revamped courses that cover presentation skills. It shows who they're

Jan 07 2016

How to communicate a difficult message

By Jakki Bendell. An important part of being a leader is that sometimes you have to deliver a difficult message – one that is high-stakes, where opinions vary and/or where emotions run high.Whether you are delivering bad news to a group of

Nov 26 2015

​Social media – why bother?

By Gill Dandy. Social media - why do so many get it so wrong? What is it about the tweet; the post; the share; the IM; that means people and organisations seemingly fail to engage brain first? With the potential to reach

Nov 12 2015

How to choose the right method for communicating with staff

By Jakki Bendell. The medium you choose to convey your message is as important as the message itself. Marshall McLuhan famously coined the phrase ‘The medium is the message’ in 1964. And it is as true today, with the huge number of new tools and

Nov 05 2015

The Power in PowerPoint

By Chris Mohr. It wasn't the usual kind of letter to the Guardian, and it made me cheer all the more for being so unexpected. Dr.Ann Nugent, Senior Lecturer in Dance at Chichester University, wrote this in response to a recent article critical of

Sep 10 2015

Generation Z…the Digital Generation

By Gill Dandy. There seems to have been a lot of buzz recently about Generation Z. But what do we mean by Generation Z, and why is Gen Z the ‘talk of the town’? Generation Z Born after 1995 - just going

Jul 09 2015

​Successful negotiators – how do they do it?

Negotiation can help you to solve problems and achieve your aims. But what steps should you take to improve your negotiation skills? Recent studies* show that the most effective negotiators tend to use the following four behaviours:Asking the right questionsOpen-ended questions are particularly useful

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