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Aug 23 2018

5 benefits of Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has been popular in the business world since 1995, and although 23 years have passed it still plays a huge role in successful businesses. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a big fan of Emotional intelligence, and has used it in the past to

Aug 16 2018

The 6 core values of networking

Hands up who enjoys networking! You probably have your hands firmly by your sides, right? Well, you’re not alone. Whilst 25% of professionals admit to not networking at all, 41% would like to networking more frequently – so what’s the problem? Many of us assume

Aug 09 2018

Why planning and office management go hand in hand

Office management is an extremely varied role that requires a huge number of skills; communication, financial, and organisation are just a few that are needed. We could easily write 100 blogs covering every aspect of office management, but right now we want to focus on one

Aug 02 2018

Managing underperformance in staff

As many organisations enter their season for bonuses, it’s time to take a look at any underperformance that may be happening within your organisation. Even if your company doesn’t operate a bonus scheme, it’s important to regularly review staff performance in order

Jul 30 2018

Does anyone have any questions?

To some, presenting comes easy. But for the rest of us, it can be nerve wracking, intimidating, and, quite frankly, absolutely terrifying. Even if you have the basics of presenting sorted, there’s many things you can do to push your skills further and transform

Jul 16 2018

Can your career afford to ignore finance?

By Deborah Maguire Many managers would rather not spend too much time on finance, so if you feel that way just know you’re not alone! Perhaps it’s the bit of your job that you never really have/make time for, or maybe

Jul 12 2018

What can managers learn from Brexit?

Leadership is primarily about introducing change. Management is about implementing the change. It is nigh on impossible to ignore the process of Brexit. It is a conversation point amongst friends, discussed on the radio and making headlines in the newspapers. Sadly there is one element

Jun 28 2018

Being an effective leader: do you agree?

By David Goodman Have you ever wondered what the key components of great leadership really are? There are several obvious components of leadership, the first being vision; your destination or, put simply, where you’re taking your team. The second is strategy. How are

Jun 14 2018

To assert or not to assert?

By Sylvie Lui Assertiveness has long been a behaviour associated with words such as direct, aggressive, forceful and pushy. The truth of it all is that – when assertive behaviour is used purely as a tool to state your stance and boundaries, it is one

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