Nov 24 2016

Top tips: The golden rules of PowerPoint presentations

When giving a presentation, it may be tempting to add a lot of information to your PowerPoint slides and let them talk for you – but this is bad practice. Slides should be a visual aid and not a text document, they are there to prompt

Nov 17 2016

​Talent management: How to keep your best staff engaged

People are at the heart of every organisation. It is your workforce that will ultimately determine how effective your business will be, and whether it can rise to meet difficult challenges in the future. Having a strong team is an invaluable asset, so why is

Nov 10 2016

Why choose a CPD accredited course?

Our aim here at the Centre is to provide people with the tools that they need to build their skills and confidence, which is why we’re pleased to say that we now offer a range of courses that have been accredited by the CPD

Nov 03 2016

Living Wage Week 2016

It’s #LivingWageWeek 2016! We’re proud to say that the Centre is one of almost 3000 businesses in the UK that have voluntarily chosen to close the pay gap between what people need to live and the government minimum that every employer has

Oct 27 2016

How to manage stress and improve focus

It’s official: we’re more stressed in the workplace than we were forty years ago. The UK Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey states that 442,000 employees in Britain reported feeling work-related stress at a level that was making them physically ill (HSE 2007/8).

Oct 19 2016

How to avoid bulling behaviour in the workplace

One of the most difficult tasks for a manager is to ensure that their employees are performing to a high standard and that instances of stress, underperformance, absence and bullying in the workplace are dealt with correctly. Our one-day performance management training course is ideal

Oct 13 2016

5 top tips: how to represent your organisation in the media

Put yourself in the situation: the organisation you work for is renowned for its fantastic reputation, but one day you walk into the office and something has happened that has put that reputation at risk. It’s your job to speak to the press

Oct 06 2016

Developing a connection: building rapport in the workplace

It is relatively easy to establish rapport with someone who is like you, but to build rapport with someone who has a different personality to yourself can be much more difficult. Learn how to connect with members of your team and enhance your communication and

Sep 29 2016

How to be a successful manager

Whether you’re moving into your first management role or have years of experience managing a team, it’s important to remember that you are always learning and developing your own skills as well as ensuring your team members grow too. Here at the Centre,

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