Mar 16 2017

Transcendent Time Management

This article is taken from a blog post by Simon Horton, one of the Centre’s trainers. It ain’t the to-do list So in my previous post, we talked about a delegate on my Time Management course who was an advisor to an

Mar 08 2017

Women in management: 4 TED Talks to inspire female leaders

By Samantha Kauss.  Did you know that there twice as many men named John who hold chief executive and chair positions of the FTSE 100 than there are women in the same roles? That’s right. There are only seven women who have secured the

Mar 02 2017

Feedback or feed forward, give the way you would want to receive it

Guest blog by David Goodman. Amongst the many emails which recently landed in my mailbox, I found one titled, 'Feed forward. Stop focusing on the past and help your employees achieve a positive change for the future’. The email suggested that there was little

Feb 16 2017

River deep, mountain high: the journey towards Effective Followship

Guest blog by Stacey Killon Have you ever thought about the way you come across towards your team? We’ve all have that bad day, bad week even and for me sometimes it simply takes that one email and I am reaching for the

Feb 08 2017

Managing the maverick

Guest blog by David Goodman. Last year the Harvard Business Review ran an article, ‘The Unmanageable Star Performer’. The title says it all.The article is about a maverick manager who is running a department in a large multi-national company. The team is producing

Jan 25 2017

Management top tips: successful delegation

Whether you’re stepping into your first management role or you are at the top of the management ladder, delegation is always one of the toughest aspects of the job. Passing on a task to someone else can cause a domino effect of anxieties. You

Jan 19 2017

Removing your blocks to assertivness

Guest blog by Duncan Lewin. Do you always make yourself heard at work? Are you able to express yourself clearly and openly? Or do you hold back? Say ‘yes’, when you mean ‘no’? Put on a ‘work personality’ different to that which you display

Jan 12 2017

Digital writing: the rules

When it comes to digital writing, nobody wants to read over optimised content. That’s content where the copywriter has sacrificed quality writing in the hope of trying to come higher up on search returns. The user experience goes something like this:You have a

Jan 05 2017

New Year: having a personal vision, mission, strategy and goals

Guest blog by Paula Reid. It’s the New Year, which typically means new beginnings, new projects, new growth, New Year’s resolutions, and maybe even a new you? I am sure this blog is not going to be the first article you see

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