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Operations or Departmental Manager - Level 5

During this programme learners will attend an online workshop and have a one-to-one session with their Management Mentor every six weeks. After each session the learners will need to complete a reflective account looking at what they have taken from the workshop, and how this new knowledge has or could be used within their job role. This will be done using work-based examples and supporting product evidence, which will help build their portfolio and show the candidates’ understanding of the criteria covered in the workshop.

Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities may include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams, managing change, financial and resource management, talent management, coaching and mentoring. Roles may include: Operations manager, Regional manager, Divisional manager, Department manager and Specialist managers.

During the qualification and when writing the reflective accounts, the candidates will also need to consider the following behaviours, and where these fit within their aims and objectives.

  • Takes responsibility: Drive to achieve in all aspects of work. Demonstrates resilience and accountability. Determination when managing difficult situations.
  • Inclusive: Open, approachable, authentic and able to build trust with others. Seeks views of others
  • Agile: Flexible to the needs of the organisation. Is creative, innovative and enterprising when seeking solutions to business needs. Positive and adaptable, responds well to feedback and need for change.
  • Professionalism: Sets an example and is fair, consistent and impartial. Open and honest. Operates within organisational values.

During the 18-month delivery all learners will have monthly mentor calls, this is to monitor their progress completing reflective journals; monitoring how the course has impacted on their behaviour and day to day practise; ensuring all learners are able to evidence the learning ahead of their EPA (End point Assessment).


On completion, apprentices can register as full members with the Chartered management institute and/or the Institute of leadership and management, and those with 3 years’ of management experience can apply for Chartered manager status through the CMI.

Funding available:

Operations Management Level 5 programme cost per delegate: £7,000.

Delegate cost if you work for a ‘small employer’: £350 + VAT (5% of cost, Government grant covers 95%).

Delegate cost if you work for a ‘large employer’: Fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. (Once the levy has been spent, you only pay 5% of any additional programme costs).

*To qualify for the grant as a small employer, your payroll cost must be less than £3 Million. If your payroll is over this, then you will be a levy funded employer.

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